Launch. Reset. Restart
Where are you?

The following steps are how we start developing a clear understanding, vital to build a successful working relationship between you, the business owner, and your business mentor. . .

Healthy Mindset

💬 Where are you now and what needs to change?

Know your WHY

💬 What do you want from your business and how will your client benefit?


💬 What works and what needs to be fixed?


💬 What do you want in the long term and the future to look like?


💬 What actions do you need to take to get there?


💬 What needs to be in the plan?

Let’s Find Your Business GPS …
Jan Jones - Business GPS Mentor
Business Mentor

Helping You to Develop Your Focus and
Passion to Move Forward in Business & Life.

I must own up to having a passion for business, independence and taking the opportunity to make my own choices doing something I love… So that is exactly what did for 30+ years! And though there were many ups and downs! I would not have enjoyed anything more. What I do today is offer my learning and wisdom to benefit other business owners.

Jan Jones – Business GPS Mentor


Actions to develop yourself, will also benefit your business.

Business growth is more likely if you have a clear vision.


Building relationship will be easier if you listen and understand your audience and your client’s needs before making proposals of service/product.


Research your market, identify your ideal client.

Create a communication marketing plan to attract and engage, with actions to raise your visibility.

Review and revise activities as required to improve outcomes.

Work With Me To Grow Your Business.

Working with 100’s of start-up clients and many existing owner-managed businesses over the last decade, I have had the joy of seeing many of them start their businesses with improved confidence and a clear vision.

Each step of the process I shared examples from my own business experiences and the wisdom I have gained along the way, to help them have a better understanding and create a plan for their own success.

▶️ Develop Your Vision
▶️ Focused Research
▶️ Visibility Marketing Plan
▶️ Pricing Products & Services
▶️ Identify Opportunities
▶️ Ongoing Analysis

Business Growth Programmes

Whilst the range and types of businesses I have worked with have been varied, the fundamental issues and requirements of each business have been the same. The difference in each case was mindset, ideas and vision for the future of their business.

Therefore, each client had a uniqueness, which was vital for me to understand before we could move forward and start the process of assessing viability, sustainability, and profitability!

As a result, I have developed a range of growth programmes developed to add value to your business journey and success!

Free Consultation

Finding the right Business Mentor is vital for us to feel confident we can create a good working relationship to help maximise the potential of your business

I offer a 30-minute conversation to enable us to find out if we are a good fit.

Growth Coaching

Focus on improving confidence and developing a focused mindset to give you clarity to plan the future of your business.

1-2-1 Mentoring

Working together to establish where your business/idea is now.

Focus on each area of your business to assess required activity, then develop a plan of action to move forward.

Also explore new opportunities.

Mastery Course

Planned modules designed to help you understand the key areas of business.

Giving you focus and clarity to create your plan and get your business moving forward on a solid foundation.

🚀 Launches 2022

Business GPS Mentor’s Blog

You’re In Good Company


Employer Adviser DWP

“I would happily recommend Jan. Since 2017, she has offered business mentoring to customers who were considering taking steps into self-employment and hoping to grow their business. Jan’s wealth of knowledge and expertise was a great advantage for our customers and work coaches. She is approachable, honest and works hard to empower people to achieve their goals. A great mentor to have on board. I could always rely on Jan and will miss her input greatly.”

Retail & Wholesale Solutions Consultant

“Jan’s input has been instrumental in making a step-change in my outlook and consequently on my business. Her key strengths are listening and then imparting knowledge in easy-to-understand language without the fluff. Her experience, communication skills and ability to add to the profit-line make Jan a real asset to any business.”

Investment Advisor

“Jan’s analysis of a business situation that I was struggling to find the solution to was revolutionised by her clear, forthright, and succinct guidance. I would thoroughly recommend that time spent with Jan to mentor you on your business, is time well spent.”

International Speaker & Author

“After spending a couple of hours with Jan I was able to articulate a very sound business plan and strategy for the year ahead. I feel positive and clear about what I need to do and when. Jan is very personable and has a wonderful way of listening and helping you to step outside of the business to see the path ahead with a clearer vision. Highly recommended.”

Women’s Development Trainer

“Jan has a huge array of qualities which she brings to any relationship. She is hugely supportive, intuitive, creative, resilient and has a consistent ‘can do’ approach to everything she is involved in. She is also an enthusiastic and excellent communicator. One of Jan’s core values is ‘contribution’ which is why she gives her time and energy to her clients to add value. This coupled with her other values such as high integrity and generosity mean she would make a significant impact. Working with Jan in your business, will benefit enormously from her involvement.”

Video Producer

“Jan is one of those very special, and rare people that you meet in life who is genuine, compassionate, able to listen intently and give rock solid advice! I have seen the support she gives others enabling them to grow and blossom… in the direction they are ready to take. She is an outstanding communicator and a thoroughly lovely lady too, and if you are looking to direct your business forward… I would recommend you talk to Jan Jones.”

Transitional Coach

“Jan has a very pragmatic approach to her work, which suits many small and medium Business owners. She helps and steers people to success with good humour and has a wealth of experience to offer.”

Join My Business Mastery Group

A support group to keep you accountable and motivated as you grow yourbusiness with support from myself and like minded entrepreneurs.

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